Raleigh Durham

Raleigh Durham International Airport expects to be extremely busy with 30,000 passengers in and out of the airport on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday.»We expect about 5 percent more travelers this Thanksgiving holiday season compared to last year so it’s going to be very busy,» said Mindy Hamlin, director of communications and community affairs at RDU. «But we have a lot of people here to assist our customers. The TSA will have all their security screening checkpoints open so things should move smoothly as long as people give themselves enough time.».

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That’s the problem,» said Velshi.The issue is that although the government is helping creating wealth for these companies, there’s no mandate that they spend it on hiring or wages.»Companies love free trade,» said Velshi. «Companies get to share profits with shareholders, the government gets the taxes, but workers don’t get their fair share.»"This is all diplomacy. There is no benefit,» said Derek Scissors, a China specialist at the conservative American Enterprise Institute.

And something being a good value and being ‘cheap’ are two very different things.»The change affects all 2,400 Tops brand products from trail mix, butter and oatmeal to trash bags, toilet paper and plastic wrap. Products started hitting shelves in June and will continue to roll out over the next 2 years.Private labels, which have increased in quality over the past several decades, pay off for consumers and retailers alike. Despite typically being priced between 20 percent and 40 percent lower than national brands, they are, on average, about 10 percent more profitable than name brand goods.

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