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Politically it will be very hard to accomplish. Chamber of Commerce, want the cheap labor. The only way we can implement a pause is by citizen pressure on Congress at their recess town meetings. Jack invented the sport of bodybuilding. He published several books and videos, marketed a line of vitamin supplements and had his own TV show, where he preached the benefits of health and fitness. Jack is a fitness industry icon who motivated successful bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenneger and Steve Reeves to get into the sport..

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Rumble knows of a way to combat the problem, but it won be cheap. «When the stop sign actually pops out, the camera comes on, and it starts recording. From what I have seen, those are really good systems; they are really expensive, but they are good and can get license numbers really clear,» he said..

And to think: It almost didn’t happen. The builder, Claude Williams (no relation to Williams Cos.), laid Transco after losing a bid on two existing systems. During World War II to bypass German U boats sinking tankers snake across the Midwest, Williams sent crews east of Appalachia and up the eastern seaboard to lay Transco.

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