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But we do know enough to make a decision.

We know that Hillary lied under oath about classified information, destroyed evidence that was under subpoena, and was «extremely careless» with national security secrets. We also know that she is on record saying she has one opinion in private and another for the public.

On the other hand, we know Donald Trump has insulted politicians of his own party, members of the media, women, illegal immigrants, Muslim refugees, and others. We know he is politically incorrect, is prone to exaggeration, is sensitive to criticism, and that he has used profane and crude language in private.

We also know that the IRS is in possession of Trump’s tax records, and can be confident that the IRS will ensure that he pays his taxes in full.

But the most important thing we know is how each candidate will deal with the critical issues that face America today:

1) Supreme Court Appointments Trump will appoint judges who will uphold the Constitution as it was written and amended; Hillary will appoint judges who will liberally interpret legal issues based on current culture.

2) Military Readiness Trump will expand and restore military strength; Hillary will continue President Obama’s policy of reduction in size and strength.

3) Economic Growth and Job Creation Trump will implement three fundamental business incentives that are necessary for economic growth: significant tax reduction, removal of costly and punitive regulations, and cheap energy; Hillary will increase taxes and regulations on all businesses to pay for her new socialist spending. Her climate change tax plan will increase energy cheap jerseys costs for all individuals and businesses.

4) ObamaCare Repeal and Replacement Trump will repeal and replace this monster with a practical transition to affordable plans; Hillary will introduce a new government run, socialized public option plan to supplement or eventually replace ObamaCare.

5) Illegal Immigration Trump will control the border, deport criminals, and determine options for those who remain. All immigrants who have entered the country illegally will not be eligible for citizenship until they leave and re enter legally; Hillary will control the border, deport criminals, support «sanctuary cities,» and create a path to citizenship for the remaining illegal immigrants.

6) Dramatic Change in Washington Trump will bring dramatic change. Hillary will not. Instead of focusing on issues, Democrats have used smears and fear mongering. They warn about which president’s finger should be on the «nuclear trigger.» After negotiating a disastrous deal with terrorists who preach «Death to America,» the finger they should be concerned about is Iranian.

Ignore the smears and false fears; please consider the issues when you vote.

James T. Holland is a resident of Winchester.

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