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The explanation, the restaurant owners have maintained, is their deep sense of patriotism. The reason behind the scenes, recounted to me during my days as a busboy for Bill Knapp was that it was an easy dodge around local signage ordinances. Perkins flies a giant flag so everyone can see it, like they see an oversized restaurant sign, and anyone who questions it is accused of questioning the restaurant loyalties to America..

He was just hollowed out, a little numb, lost. That first night he did restless laps around our bed; I can recall the click of his nails on the hardwood floor. I had the pangs of regret I still get every time I rescue an animal, and there have been many: What have I done? That night I got down on the floor we weren’t at a life stage where we invested in carpet and I spooned the 80 pound dog that I didn’t know.

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Dupont Circle is filled with delicious, quick lunch spots that cater to all of the office buildings and locals that walk the streets of the Northwest community every day. But to me, one small joint stands above the rest, because of its unique flavors and incredible options. That is why the Well Dressed Burrito in the alley off of 19th Street is the best quick lunch spot I’ve ever eaten at in Dupont Circle.Well Dressed Burrito sits in the middle of the little back alley that connects 19th and 20th streets.

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