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How to Form LLC as Parent Company with other Separate LLCs

QUESTION on How to Form LLC as Parent Company

I am attempting to develop a business structure for a possible client and would like to ask if the following proposal is legitimate. The client owns 4 developed properties, each with equity and debt, all of which I would like to roll intro an LLC. My question is if this new entity can then be split off into 2 separate LLC’s, one to hold the equity
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It is possible to use multiple limited liability companies to set up a
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LLCs can generally be used for either business purposes or investment purposes. For example, a property
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However, instead of forming one LLC to hold multiple properties, many real estate investors seeking to maximize asset protection benefits form separate LLCs for each property that they hold as a form of risk management. By doing so, they create a buffer of sorts between each property one LLC were to be faced with a debt, claim or judgment, only the assets held by that LLC would be at risk; properties held by other LLCs would remain untouched.

It should be noted, however, that if one parent LLC owns all of the property holding LLCs, it is possible that the interest in those subsidiary LLCs (and, by extension, the properties that they hold) could be placed in jeopardy if the parent LLC ever were to be faced with a debt, claim or judgment (since the parent LLC assets would consist of its membership interest in the subsidiary LLCs).

This is only one piece of the larger asset protection puzzle. You should consult a qualified attorney who specializes
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Articles Connexes:

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