Worldwide shale

Worldwide shale development is not imminent. There are many challenges to the development of shale internationally, ranging from a lack of midstream infrastructure to water shortages, geology and a lack of political will. But you can bet that if the United States experiences a natural gas led surge in the economy, other nations around the world will begin to solve these problems..

Recently, I lamented Connecticut’s lack of a state cookie. I’m proud that we have a state fish. Shad fed the state for many years and was a rich source of income for Connecticut rivermen. Donald Trump has denied all of the accusations, is angry, as we saw yesterday. But in the long run, it America that should be angry. This kind of stuff is harming the fabric of our society, our political structure, and our ability to evaluate information in a fair way.

The program is run by RecycleBank, a New York start up. Recycling rates have increased tenfold since the company started operating in Everett, according to a Newsweek story. RecycleBank wants to expand in the South and Midwest, where recycling rates are much lower than on the coasts, leaving more room for improvement.

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