The most expensive thing on the dirt cheap menu is

The most expensive thing on the dirt cheap menu is the daily special, which usually rings up at a mere $8.50. Hop up on a barstool, shove up to the counter and watch the chef, Jim, grill a succulent burger with everything on it ($4 includes chips). For just a little more pocket change, order such burger variations as the Mexiburger with an Ortega chili and two cheeses ($5.25) or the teriyaki mushroom burger ($5.75). Some fans don buy the argument that fighting has been around NHL hockey jerseys supply from china forever, though certainly does: have been watching hockey for almost 50 years, he said. Were fighting then, and they are fighting now. And I am pretty sure they were fighting more than 50 years ago as well. From all reports they are going to cheap nfl jerseys keep this going as a contract is on the table for Wenger IF cheap basketball jerseys he wants to sign it. This shows us all how utterly worthless our board is, not that I can blame them too much. Imagine the nightmare we will titanium pot have when he does go. They more than doubled in 2010.In August 2009, investors trading private shares of Facebook on Sharepost, a secondary exchange, paid $2.40 per share. Though the numbers are only roughly comparable with today’s figures, that gave Facebook a market value of less than $7 billion.The $38 offering price assigned Facebook a market value of $104 billion. Based on Tuesday’s closing stock price, that had fallen to $85 billion.If Facebook had gone public with a market value of $7 billion and that had increased to last Friday’s value of $104 billion, investors in the hypothetical IPO of 2009 would have seen their investment grow 15 fold.. Nolivos to get cheaper insurance. Is alleged that Mr. Nolivos attended her home, provided her with a temporary insurance card, and collected $3,125 worth of premium in cash. The Canton Akron Indians was the name of a minor league farm team for the Cleveland Indians. Until 1996, Canton Akron ball caps featured Cleveland’s red faced mascot, «Chief Wahoo,» whose enormous cartoon grin ironically hangs above Progressive Field. When the farm team relaunched as the Akron Aeros in 1997, without Chief Wahoo, their merchandise sales reportedly rose from $60,000 to $1.2 million an increase of 2,000%.. What has helped the rapid growth of group buying websites in the Middle East has been the use of social networks to promote deals, and expand membership, Toukan notes. In the UAE, Facebook penetration is almost 50% of the population, compared to only 8% for the entire Middle East. «Word of mouth and social networking are the success keys for group buying, according to our survey,» Stuart says.

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