The Minister for Health and Social Services

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It made 29 suggestions for improvement, eight of them urgent, stating there was a lack of safety checks and management.Julie Garbutt, new Chief Executive for Health and Social Services, said: «As the process to appoint a substantive hospital director will take some time, an interim director has been appointed.»To support hospital staff in delivering efficiencies as part of the States wide Comprehensive Spending review process, provide leadership for the next phase of the Integrated Care Record programme and address issues around bed capacity.»She said details of the new manager would be released after contractual arrangements were finalised.»We hope the successful interim appointee will be able to take up their duties in early May for a period of approximately six months,» she added.Mrs Rourke died during a routine gynaecological operation in October undertaken by Dr Deloroes Moyano, who was covering for a full time member of staff.The report said the hospital was under managed, there were not sufficient checks and balances to ensure patient safety and Dr Moyano’s references were ambiguous and not suitably checked.The Minister for Health and Social Services, Deputy Anne Pryke, said: «I have looked carefully at the recommendations made within the Verita Report, and am keen to act on them in order to make the General Hospital as safe, efficient and as well run as possible.»One area which the Verita report did not look into was whether Dr Moyano was sufficiently competent to be performing the operation, which is shortly due to be assessed by the General Medical Council. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read more.This page is best viewed in an up to date web browser with style sheets (CSS) enabled.

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