The airline offered compensation

» ‘But the moment we are given this power, it’s logical we use it,’ he said. While EU trade deals don’t usually have to be ratified by legislatures, the commission decided in July that the 38 national and regional parliaments across the bloc should get a say on CETA. The move came in response to criticism from many European capitals, including Berlin, that the step shouldn’t be decided only in Brussels, amid opposition against what critics said were opaque deals the public had no say in.».

The airline offered compensation at first, but when that didn convince enough passengers to take a later flight, it picked Dao randomly. In video shot by Joya and Forest Cummings, who were sitting behind him, Dao repeatedly refuses to disembark, explaining he is a physician and must work in the morning. (Demetrio told reporters Thursday that Dao wife is a doctor as well and also had patients to see Monday.).

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Rep. Edgar Starnes, R Caldwell, asked whether a moped driver with a previous DWI conviction might have to pay more than the $65 estimate for insurance. Lucas with the state Department of Insurance explained that, in cases where a driver owns another vehicle, the driver’s points and resulting higher rates would affect the insurance cost for the other vehicle first.

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