Super Bowl suckers shelling out for

Super Bowl suckers shelling out for

Super Bowl suckers are shelling out thousands of dollars to stay in flea bag New Jersey motels that are so horrifying hookers won’t sleep there.

With the prime places in Manhattan booked up, a bunch of dingy, dilapidated inns many boasting highway views and the smell of choking exhaust are collecting big bucks from unsuspecting fans coming to town for the big game on Feb. 2.

The Days Inn in North Bergen just a few miles from the Super Bowl site at MetLife stadium is doing brisk business despite jacking its normal $125 a night rate to $1,300.

The princely sum allows guests to enjoy the sights and sounds of the New Jersey Turnpike and «the potential to take home Hep C and bedbugs,» according to a recent online review.

And although the hotel bills itself as «the perfect home base for exploring New York City and New Jersey,» an inspection by The Post found peeling wallpaper, cheap furnishings and a potential security issue with unlocked doors between adjoining rooms.

According to former guests, the hotel allows guests to experience «truly disgusting carpeting» and brown tap water.

«If you enjoy sleeping with BED BUGS and DIRT then this hotel is for you!» one reviewer wrote.

Another dubbed it «the most vile hotel.» At least it has undergone a renovation, according to signs outside the hotel this week.

The Holiday Inn Express in North Bergen is renting rooms for more than $900 a night, up from its usual $127.

In online reviews, former guests warn of mice, moldy bathrooms and furniture coated in dust.

One reviewer thought it was so bad that a Jets fan shouldn’t even suggest it to a Patriots fan.

«Don’t even send your enemies to this hotel,» the commenter said.

At the cheap jerseys mouth of the Holland Tunnel and popular with the «rooms by the hour» crowd it’s a veritable bargain at $400 a night during Super Bowl weekend, up from its usual $125.

Online reviewers, however, complained of «ants in the bathroom. Some deemed the hotel «pretty unsafe, with so many people coming and going to have casual sex.»

While some of the reviewers gave it high marks for being close to the city and having «friendly» management, The Post found cramped, dingy accommodations reeking of cigarette smoke and «brand new rugs» that already look worn.

«It is recommended that fans who have their hearts staying in NYC for the Super Bowl book now,» said Cheap Hotels spokeswoman Barbara Adams, noting that Manhattan area hotels will be sold out by the first weekend in February.

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