Steel mills need to employ

«Steel mills need to employ zillions of people, so it’s a great way to get people working,» he said. In China, the mills are continuing to run, even at a loss, instead of being shut down as they would be in a free market economy. Along with the China issues, the slowdown in the energy industry has reduced demand for steel to make pipes..

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We have a skylight in our master bath that has a slender deep passage to it. We always get moisture around the window (which causes mildew) and moisture dripping down the walls (which causes streaks). We have tried showering with the bathroom door ajar to help alleviate the problem but that doesn’t take care of it.

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Now, we are seeing it with the demonetisation, which also actually ends up delivering on the big promises it made. It’s just that right now it is all going badly for both Jio and demonetisation, likely because of the same underlying problem. The core digital infrastructure in India is just too bad for any big bang project..

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«I think a lot of chefs are getting past the pretentious, everything has to be fine dining French cuisine to be considered good food,» Jensen said. «If you use great techniques and great ingredients to make something really simple like mac ‘n’ cheese, it’s better than what we had as kids. It’s not often you get to have something better than the (source of the) nostalgia was.

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