Set on the esplanade

Set on the esplanade along the Hudson in Riverside Park South, Pier i Caf (yes, the lowercase is deliberate) might at first seem concealed from the crazy rush of everyday city business. Yet it’s surprisingly close and easily accessible to anybody seeking shade, a soft summer breeze and a beautiful waterline vista (just descend the staircase at 68th Street and walk under the West Side Highway). There’s an outdoor bar grill with two dozen shaded tables (plus lounge chairs), the drinks are inexpensive (beer, sangria wine only) and the water is FREE and ICE COLD.

The «white fish» (SMDH) ceviche ($11.99) is outstanding. The dishcomes cheap jerseys out looking way dryer than most ceviche, typically soupy. La Brisa’s version is more like a salad, with sharply acidic lumps of fish tossed with diced red onions, shredded carrots and ribbons of cilantro cheap china jerseys and topped with C shaped wedges of avocado.

The fire, which began Monday, coincided with a decision by Gov. Jack Dalrymple to extend cheap jerseys a statewide emergency through the month of April. The ban was set to expire Wednesday. A dutiful soldier, he followed his five brothers into military service, trained at Camp Cook with California’s own 40th Division, and completed his tour as a highly decorated Korean War combat veteran. Over time, he worked at every cheap nfl jerseys major studio in the city and operated his own post production sound editing company. His body of work spanned nearly four decades, and his credits include several years as sound effects editor on television’s Perry Mason as well as dozens of movies including Logan’s Run.

So, grab a friend or family member before or after dinner. Then walk. Jog. Are taking road trips again. The trucking companies have wholesae nfl jerseys been doing more deliveries, and they not complaining about the price of diesel anymore, he said. Would say (gasoline sales are) up 7 percent, 8 percent, which is a lot for me.

That is the problem with the war on terror that Obama inherited from George W. Bush but has successfully reissued as his own product line; it’s got all the patriotic bells and whistles, but as a profit center, it sucks. You just can’t logically justify spending trillions of dollars on building ever more sophisticated weapons to defeat a 9/11 style enemy equipped with weapons that can be purchased at Home Depot for a couple of hundred bucks.

Call Laura Hanson with the Child Development Center, 549 6413, if you can help.Local grandparents have recently taken custody of their grandchild and need help accommodating her on short notice. They need a car seat, toddler bed and high chair. Additionally, they would benefit from donated baby proofing supplies like outlet protectors, safety locks for cabinets and drawers, and doorknob guards.

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