Scientists have found

Scientists have found the inspiration for a lifesaving tool in an unusual place a children’s toy. The invention may soon help health care workers diagnose malaria in places where standard laboratory equipment is hard to find. Diagnosing malaria in the field isn’t all that difficult, but you need a device called a centrifuge that can spin a blood sample very quickly, causing different types of cells in blood to separate from each other..

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I won say that the entire capacity will come into operation on the day one. There is a ram up; the ram up takes nearly one year. So, it is a progressive capacity utilisation that will come with this 240 tonne over a period of next one year from the date of the commissioning of the operations it will happen.

Mr Winter, who trained as an engineer, created this device based on a similar system invented during the Second World War by the Ministry of Defence. «Their version also used two flower pots but they were stood up in a cone shape,» he explained. «They were used to heat the old Anderson shelters.

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