Sara Pascoe’s

Sara Pascoe’s favourite comedy venue, and with good reason: the Soho Theatre is arguably London’s finest place to see both up and coming and established acts. Being a theatre, rather than a comedy club per se, expect to see full sets from individuals rather than bills with a few comics. Its three rooms host all sorts of things, from the latest Edinburgh winners to big names road testing their latest bits. The standard is reliably excellent: even if you’ve never heard of a comedian, chances are, if they’re playing here, they’ll be worth watching. After starting out above a strip club in Soho, this place made its name throughout the eighties by breaking the pioneers in alternative comedy. It’s happy to host mainstream stars these days, and never struggles to draw top acts, but if you can only make one thing, try The Comedy Store Players, old pros whose improvised shows on Wednesdays and Sundays all but guarantee hilarity.

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In Southern California, Annie Coffman posted on Craigslist an offer to exchange no fewer than two tickets for a week at her ski cabin near Big Bear Lake. For a week is about $9,000, said Coffman, who grew up near Chicago. Not only that, but her sister owns a ski cabin near Lake Tahoe and would be willing to sweeten the offer.

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