Edible gifts are the

Edible gifts are the best gifts. Whether traditional baked goods, candies, preserves or pantry staples, making gifts yourself represents time and consideration. These gifts serve a clear purpose to be eaten yet hold meaning on both sides of the exchange.

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Do you go with the tender buttermilk biscuits and gravy? But what about the sourdough tangy pancakes? There are the Downtowner rolls to be considered, too all chock full of cinnamon and just the right dose of sugar. Also, we’re not above ordering cookies for breakfast, and that Crusher, packed with salty pretzels chips balanced with toasty, sweet brown sugar is great any time of day. Add in a cup of Dogwood coffee and all is right with the world.

To find a barber, I simply keep an eye out for a place that feels right away from the tourist zone, and with a successful but not too trendy vibe. It’s easy to drop in, make a reservation that works conveniently into your sightseeing, and then come back later. It’s also a fun way to meet people.

I held the square between my index finger and middle finger with a slight curve on the pull, like a cool way of holding a pool stick at a speak easy pool hall, tavern, bar or a club. I was cool at 12 years old. Stunting my growth and development already.

2. DON’T cut back limbs or weeds in your camera’s viewfinder. In particular, tall grass really can shake it, and will readily do so when prompted by the steady breezes common post Labor Day. The criminal complaint said Barnett delivered the items to the other man on Feb. 9. He also provided a bag of gloves, a mask and a license plate cover.

Location: 22550 Van Buren Blvd., Riverside. The Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris features locomotives, passenger and freight cars, trolleys, streetcars and more. Weekends and most major holidays! Tickets: $12 for ages 12 and older, $8 for age 5 to 11 and free for ages 4 and younger.

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