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Another affordable product that offers premium security is the Guardian (an estimated $28). This is a door lock that installs on the inside of the door and offers stellar security. The secret to this product superior strength lies in its door frame mounting, and like the Schlage deadbolt, it installs in minutes.

Sears Holdings declined to answer questions for this story. A spokeswoman would only say that Kmart would be announcing a new strategy soon. The chain’s marketing remains in flux after Chief Marketing Officer Mark Snyder departed late last year. I typically try to get out very early on summer mornings and I particularly love the hour before the sun rises. It’s the coolest time of day in both senses of the word. Most people are still asleep, but there are plenty of birds to keep you company.

Even during the middle of a workday, the smoky back room is filled with patrons, two pool tables, and a jukebox that holds about every small town anthem ever sung Bruce Springsteen, Ted Nugent, the Scorpions, and Randy Travis. PB Bar Harbor Restaurant Lounge, 295 Strand St., St. Helens, open 9 am 2 am BEST UP AND COMING NEIGHBORHOOD 18th Street, St.

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W., Sonoma. 707.996.3220. Place to Sip Chai While Waiting Out the Undead. The world largest automaker announced Tuesday that it will begin selling fuel cell cars in Japan on Dec. And Europe in mid 2015. The sporty looking, four door Toyota Mirai will retail for 6.7 million yen ($57,600) before taxes.

A few miles up the road, in a sleek convention center on the flat top of an old mountain mine, Paul Lang, president of St. Louis based Arch Coal America second biggest producer by tonnage recently offered a presentation on the industry future. He addressed a dinner for the Tug Valley Mining Institute, which opened in 1946, making it the oldest such industry organization in the state.

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