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Multicultural Diversity Thy Name is San Francisco Just about everybody rides public transportation in San Francisco. Here’s a streetcar station on Market Street on a sunny spring day. The old style streetcars give San Francisco public transportation some retro style. That’s about all that is retro about San Francisco. There are still a lot of cars on the streets when one goes out on appointments. I traveled all over the city visiting potential homestay families in a little Toyota Yaris. Dan drove, I took pictures with my iPhone. Some of the cars were pretty fancy, like this one with the top down that we saw on Van Ness, but mostly, cards against humnity, folks drive cars like people anywhere else. Also, the weather was so beautiful, I’d have taken the top down if I could have done. We also saw a Lotus down in Half Moon Bay, it was spooky fast looking. There are places of quiet beauty to get away from the bustle, here is the natural amphitheater at Stern Grove on a Tuesday afternoon where we had a little picnic on items picked up at the nearby Trader Joe’s: Imagine listening to a free jazz concert on a Summer Sunday afternoon here. We couldn’t have asked for a prettier place to eat our wraps and relax from the busy ness of our appointments. The Castro is known the world over for its sexual diversity. But for many San Franciscans, it’s simply home, a place to be fully self expressed as oneself. It’s a great neighborhood of beautiful Victorian and Edwardian row houses. The Castro is racially diverse as well. This picture was taken driving south on Market at dusk on the way to West Portal neighborhood, where we like to go eat at Fresca, a wonderful Peruvian restaurant. The next shot is of their memorable floor. The food was lovely restorative for a pair of very tired travelers. The Spanish Albari was delicious and paved the way for sweet dreams. Where can you get better Peruvian food? I’ve tried, so far, Fresca is the best! We had dinner again on Wednesday at the 24th Street Fresca with Jodie. It was lovely all over again. Friday we drove quickly back to West Portal to visit Roti, a nouvelle Indian cuisine restaurant that we adore. The original Roti is in Burlingame, just south of the San Francisco International Airport. Dan enjoyed a curry in the form of Chicken Tikka with Basmati rice. I had the Mattar Paneer which is homemade farmer cheese cooked with green peas, tomatoes, herbs and spices with a freshly made Puri and we both had a lovely Kachumber salad delicious Chai. Here’s Roti, in West Portal at the end of lunch service: West Portal has lots of cozy restaurants and watering holes! We had a lovely meal with a host family in Crocker Amazon, along with their Saudi Arabian guest. We dined on a meal prepared by our host Joe of delicious Crab Torta that was made with crab, bean sprouts, garlic, onions and just enough egg to hold it all together. There was also gorgeous tasty chicken, and I tried a delicious Filipino Banana Sauce for the first time. It was reminiscent of Chinese Sweet and Sour and looked a little like ketchup. We all spent the evening laughing. Seriously, Joe can cook for me ANY time! I wish I had gotten a better photo. We had a lovely time and delicious fish with Jodie Friday night in her Noe Valley kitchen. We laughed and talked for hours, places to buy cards against humanity. It was so much fun and the fish was way tastier than Jodie gave it credit for being! What a pretty table too! We stayed at Hotel Carlton and discovered that the restaurant downstairs was more than just a fringe benefit. Saha serves Arabic fusion cuisine and has a lovely atmosphere, cars against humanity, not unlike a peaceful oasis interrupted only by laughter and delight. Dan had Couscous prepared with lamb. He was moaning with joy. He also had a red wine blend by Hedges that he enjoyed very much. Hedges is a Washington State winery, so it was really a splendid

surprise to find it at Saha. I had the Stuffed avocado which is a Knaffe coated lightly fried avocado stuffed with Couscous tabouleh and served with semi soy marinated tofu and raspberry reduction. I also had the Lahem Sougar, cards against humanity in stores, which is Local grass fed lamb saut with sumac, pine nuts, and olive oil then served over Baba Ganoush with pita and harissa. It was unbelievably good and I was sorry I couldn’t take home the leftovers! There was a birthday party in the corner the night we went and the birthday boy was wearing a jelaba and the party was multicultural, multiracial and completely representative of San Francisco’s population.

San Franciscans come to the city from all over the world and stay because it is a place where one can feel fully at home in an open atmosphere of acceptance. When folks talk about San Francisco derogatively, I wonder, have they ever been there? places that sell cards against humanity 210

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