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What’s A Plimsoll Line The Plimsoll line is a mark on a boat or ship which indicates to what level it can legally be loaded to ensure safe sailing, cards against hummanity?. All different vessels have different levels at which they float so this line will be different depending on the type of boat, cards agaist humanity. The level will also change depending on the type of water the ship is sailing in. This even changes depending on the season as well. So, card game against humanity, the Plimsoll line will have several lines indicating the level in different situations, such as salt water in summer, tropical fresh water, tropical salt water etc. This line ensures that standards are met so that the vessel is not overloaded and the danger of sinking or capsizing is reduced. Samuel Plimsoll was conducting research and work around this subject. This term along with other work he undertook became part of what was later to be known as the Merchant Shipping Act which is still adhered to today, although many alterations to these acts have been made since then. However, before Samuel Plimsoll these lines (also known as load lines) were being used for hundreds of years before the term Plimsoll line was coined. Ships dating back as far as the 12th century sailing out of Venice and Italy had a version of the line. However, this custom did not last long and eventually died out until the 19th century when the use of drawing lines on the side of a boat became largespread. The plimsoll line is the marking on a ship’s hull that shows how low or high the ship is resting in the water, cards agsinst humanity. BY examining the plimsoll line it is possible to tell how heavy a load the ship is carrying and it serves as a warning against overloading. A ship riding too low in the water will become dangerously unstable and could capsize. The marking is now mandatory and international. It is also known as a Load Line or the International Load line. The name Plimsoll comes from the british social reformer Samuel Plimsoll who first advocated an international standard to prevent unnecessary loss of life at sea. Until the load line became more widely used ships were often dangerously overloaded causing many tragedies. The level of a ship in the wate ria affected by temperature and salinity as well as load and so different levels are shown with code letters to indicate the type of water. The Plimsoll line is named after Samuel Plimsoll, a member of the British Parliament, whose crusade against ship overloading, resulted in Parliament passing the Unseaworthy Ships Bill into law in 1876. The law required that all commercial vessels bear a load line. This load line was soon known as the «Plimsoll Mark» and was eventually adopted by all maritime nations of the world. The Plimsoll line is a load line on the side of a ship. The purpose of a Plimsoll line is to ensure that a ship has sufficient freeboard and thus sufficient reserve buoyancy. All commercial ships, have a load line symbol permanently marked amidships on each side of the ship. The load line makes it easy for anyone to determine if a ship has been overloaded. This symbol, also called an international load line, indicates the maximum safe draft, and therefore the minimum freeboard for the vessel in various operating conditions. cards against humanities 061

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