Argo depicts the CIA’s insane scheme to secretly

rescue six Americans in Iran during the hostage crisis in the late ’70s (which we told you about a year before Hollywood did). The plan called for CIA agent Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) to cheap oakleys sunglasses fly over to Iran, dress everyone up in silly outfits, and say they were a movie company scouting locations for a Star Wars ripoff in Tehran. In the gripping final scene, the Iranian guards at the airport find out the Americans’ true identities just as they’re about to leave and literally chase the plane down the runway with AK 47s..

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6, the chances of the NAV crossing the minimum guaranteed price by May 2003 are extremely low, and after May 2003 a mass exodus of investors was on the cards. In order to prevent this, the Government has decided to continue with the Rs. 12 and Rs. According to Arno Penzias, the head of research at Bell Labs, the mother of one of his teachers at Columbia used to ask her son persistently when he was just a young school child, «Did you ask any good questions today, Isaac?» The question was not what did you learn in school today, but what good questions did you ask. The mother’s priority must have had an impact on Penzias, because he eventually helped institutionalize the practice of asking useful questions at AT Ben Labs. Asking tough questions has become a hallmark of AT research culture and has helped to establish Bell Laboratories as one of the great creative institutions in America.

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